Brittany Davenport
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond Register

From the start of my career in journalism I have been told over and over again that my skill is a dying trade. Each time, as if I were a journalism superhero, I defended the newspaper business as if I would take my last breath to make my point clear. Good reporting and classic story telling will never die.

Being an intern at the Richmond Register has been one of the best experiences in journalism I have had. There are so many things to learn and experience as a journalist and for me, the best way to understand it all is to dive in. My time at the Register has been my chance to experience a real newsroom.

I have had numerous opportunities to cover breaking news, feature stories, hard news stories and soft news stories. I’ve had a taste of it all. I have learned how to better my writing and reporting, how to write better leads and the best way to structure my stories.

After my internship I hope to get employed full time at a nearby newspaper. In an ideal world I would be able to continue to build my reporting skills and work more on my designing abilities. Working as a Ky Press Association intern has assured me I chose the right career and only reinstated my passion for journalism.

But, not only that, this internship has reiterated my point that I have been trying to make to friends, family and even colleagues. You can take the physical things away from journalism and put it online, you can tell me how the greatest newspapers of all time are now belly up, but the truth is, grandma will always want to cut out the pictures of her sweet grandchildren who earned student of the month, local folk will always want to blame you, because your name’s on the byline, for their brother’s cousin’s uncle going to jail via a letter to the editor, and most importantly as long as there is a story to be told a good writer is always needed.