Courtney Daniel
Eastern Kentucky University
Corbin News Journal

I have been involved with journalism since I was sixteen years old. I began by writing sports for my high school newspaper in Corbin, Ky. Journalism quickly became my first actual career prospect, that is after being a ballerina movie star doctor fell through at the age of nine.

I continued on with journalism when I entered college, writing for the Eastern Progress at Eastern Kentucky University. There I started covering news, designing pages and learned that deadline actually meant deadline.

As I started my senior year last Fall, I had over four years of journalism experience, but still I was nervous about my next step into a real newspaper. I began to wonder if I was cut out for a job full of action and deadlines.

That’s when I applied for the Kentucky Press Association Internship. I hoped it would give me the chance to see if I could actually do the job I had been training for all these years. I was placed at the Corbin News Journal, my hometown paper.

There I got the chance not only to report, take pictures and design, I got to see my hometown through a fresh set eyes.

While at my internship I got the opportunity to cover everything from fires and wrecks to bat infestations.

I learned about the Kentucky courts system, I learned how to get a police officer to talk to you and I learned that sometimes it’s just your turn to make the copies.

Most importantly, I learned that I was prepared to work at a Newspaper when I graduate and I will take that confidence with me to future interviews.

I am grateful the KPA realizes the importance of hands on training for young journalists and gives them the chance to build some confidence before joining the workforce. Also, I’m appreciative to the Newspapers that work with KPA to make this program happen.