Emily Teaford
Northern Kentucky University
Recorder Newspapers

I never listened to the friends and family members that advised me to take internships throughout my time in college. I chose instead to gallivant overseas aboard cruise ships, planes and trains. Now, in the summer before my final year at Northern Kentucky University, I sit securely in front of a Mac, writing stories that range from matchbook collections to construction at a local church.

On this day, I sit in my cubicle trying to focus on writing a story for next week’s paper. Frantically the reporters and editors I work with call out names of people who have been laid off in the Cincinnati area. Today is Wednesday, the 15 of July.  Bloggers and Twitter users associated with this set of Gannett layoffs are calling it Black Wednesday. I know it as scary.

I feel sick to my stomach. The future of journalism is unclear and thus has been the major topic of media conversations and university classes for some time. Everyone is on edge about the situation; many have told me to change my major.

The pain and fear of hearing fellow journalists lose jobs is immense but I am not disheartened. I’ve wanted to be a reporter since I was 14 and this experience has only strengthened my dreams. In my opinion, the reporters and editors at the Community Press Kentucky office are to be commended.

They work hard, show dedication, and are never concerned with fame. While some reporters might be vying for more followers on Twitter, the Community Pressians are out in the community reporting local stories people want to read. They embrace that their job, whether it still exists at the end of the day, is to report the news.

This internship has allowed me to use the skills I’ve learned outside the university setting. It has taught me the value of having strong relationships with sources. Most importantly, this opportunity has proven to me that my love for reporting will be able to withstand even the bleakest of times.