Jason Morrow
Murray State University
Lexington Herald-Leader

Working for the Lexington Herald-Leader has been quite an educational experience.  I have done much more in terms of variety than I was expecting before I came into this position. 

I was expecting to begin by shadowing a reporter and then eventually begin to write my own stories for the paper.  While this did happen, limitations never became an issue.  Being here I have learned how to help operate and work closely with the online staff and provide different forms of work throughout the experience. 

One of the more challenging yet rewarding aspects of this job is when I get to do multimedia projects.  Recently I got to cover the Ichthus festival in Wilmore, Ky.  Through this assignment I got to learn many of the technical aspects of working with video.  These skills will be very helpful to have in the future when I look for a job when I graduate from Murray State University.

I was also given the opportunity to work two nightshifts on the police beat, which was something I had never gotten to do before.  It gave me a chance to work with on a deadline and fine-tune my writing skills. 

Being here has shown me that studying to be a journalist was the right choice to make.  One of the best parts of this internship is that my interests have changed to focus more on the multi-media aspects of journalism because of the exposure and training in the field. 

This internship has educated me, and truly given me a feel for a professional and educational work environment.  Pursuing this career has become a reality to me since I have finally gotten to see it with my own eyes.