Joy Barger
Eastern Kentucky University
J. Frank Publishing

I was fortunate enough this summer to be chosen as a KPA intern in Public Relations. I worked this summer with J. Frank Publishing / Nolan Group in London, KY. Nolan Group includes eight weekly newspapers, two printing plants, and a radio station. All of the papers are printed at the London printing plant. My internship this summer gave me the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons relating to the field of Public Relations.

My internship experience has been unique because I have been working for an organization that does not have a PR department. All PR / marketing is done by Mr. Jay Nolan, President of J. Frank Publishing, who is a very busy man. Jay gave me some direction and feedback, but for the most part I got to be the PR department for the summer.

I worked on several projects over the course of the summer. One of my favorites was helping to plan an event for the launch of the Barbourville Mountain Advocate interactive news portal,  While working on this project I worked at The Advocate offices in Barbourville, KY. I helped with the publicity for the event. I made about fifty phone calls, worked on a flyer promoting the website, picked out door prizes, and even created the power point presentation used by Jay during his presentation speech to the Barbourville Chamber of Commerce.

 I also worked on logistics for the event. I coordinated with many people at The Advocate as well as with many people in the Barbourville community. I coordinated communication between The Advocate and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as with individuals at Union College (the location of the event). I made sure that we had all the information and proper equipment we needed to avoid any technical issues with computers or software. I learned from this that events are, as Jay would say, “time suckers.” So you should be prepared to come early and work late. I worked hard on this event and I loved every second of it.

Another project I worked on was getting the ball rolling on some research that may be useful to J. Frank Publishing in the future. I mailed a survey that I developed to local businesses to find out if and how some of J. Frank’s services may be useful to them, and to gauge interest in a seminar that J. Frank Publishing may host the future. This project gave me the opportunity to think about the audience and what kind of questions they would most likely to respond to. I also got experience in working with a team and the chance to learn all about mailing services offered by printers.

The other big project I worked on this summer was updating a media / marketing kit for Nolan Group. This project took a lot of time because it involved A LOT of information gathering from all the Nolan Group newspapers as well as all of the departments at J. Frank Publishing.  Then I had to type up all of the updated information. Lastly, I worked closely with Aaron Smith, one of the graphic designers, to bring the visual design together.

Aside from these big projects I worked on several other small projects. I created a brochure for the front lobby explaining J. Frank’s services. I changed the messages on the sign outside of our London plant regularly throughout the summer. I helped the customer service workers put together a kit of examples of the kinds of publications that can be printed at J. Frank. This kit will be kept in the front office for use by the customer service team.

My overall experience this summer has been a good one.  I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Jay Nolan for the opportunity to come and learn with his company this summer. I would also like to thank KPA for providing for these wonderful internship opportunities.

Additionally, I would like to thank everyone at J. Frank Publishing, especially Tammy Miracle, for making me feel like a part of the JFP family.

 This internship has been a valuable learning experience for me and I am looking forward to my future, whatever it may bring!