Katherine jennings
Morehead State University
Mt. Sterling Advocate

On July 15, Kate Jennings will finish her 10-week summer internship with the Mt. Sterling Advocate.

Some of her favorite and most educational story assignments while working at the Advocate included updates on the finding of Daryll Dotson’s body in Lexington, features on the Judy Drive-In, an Elvis impersonator, the history of Grassy Lick Church, local men helping build a replica of Uncle Tom’s cabin, a man keeping a zebra on his farm and the history of the tank in front of the American Legion post. She also wrote stories on the recycling process and rising interest in the military due to the economic downturn with an accompanying column about supporting those in the military.

Jennings took most of the photographs for her stories as well as photo features for Montgomery County High School graduation and the Fourth of July fireworks show.

After completing her internship, Jennings plans to continue studying at Morehead State University where she will be starting her junior year as a journalism major and visual arts minor and freelance for local newspapers.

Next summer, Jennings plans to apply for internships at newspapers across the country.

After graduation, Jennings hopes to have a career in journalism and photojournalism.

“You can learn the basics of journalism in the classroom but to be good at it and to really understand it you have to do it. That’s why these internships are so great.”

Jennings said the internship taught her valuable lessons about writing on deadline, editing, interviewing, crafting a complete story and, in general, what it means to be a professional journalist.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better internship. This has been a wonderful experience at a paper where everyone was eager to share their knowledge and see me succeed and in a very supportive community,” Jennings said.