Lauren Shrader
Campbellsville University
Bluegrass State Games

As an intern for the Bluegrass State Games, I have been able to put the skills I have learned in my education into practice, while learning even more about the Public Relations field. I had no idea in my first week I would be meeting the people I met and doing the things I was doing. I was nervous, of course, but I jumped in head first so I could experience everything I possibly could in the time that I had.

I have always described myself as a people person; I got to test that theory the first two weeks of my internship with planning the 25th Anniversary luncheon for the Games. I was calling the mayor of Lexington, former governors, board members, and major sponsors to set up interviews, write their scripts, and follow-up in person with taped interviews at WKYT. I learned how to deal with different types of people, their needs/wants, and attempt to make an impression in person with some very important people.

The luncheon has been my biggest project since starting with the Games. Event planning was a big side of the luncheon. Visiting the hotel ball room to go over the menu, table layout, decorating, and even singing the national anthem to open the luncheon are just a few things that went into making such a successful event. After the luncheon, it was nice to sit down and talk about what we could have done differently, what we would have kept, and how it went in general.

The Bluegrass State Games have really been able to utilize my skills in writing as well. I have been able to write the newsletter stories, write and edit press releases and design flyers and E-blasts. I love to write, so being able to do that here and seeing it on a website, or knowing that someone else might see it was a neat feeling for me. I also got to help put stories together for an insert in the Lexington Herald-Leader for the Games.

My outlook on a Public Relations career is the same now if not even more positive than it was before. I have loved every minute I’ve spent here and have truly experienced everything I thought I was going to, and then some. I would love to stay on the event planning side and the marketing side of Public Relations. Sports marketing has really caught my attention since being here. This experience is something that I truly appreciate and am so thankful for. It is something I will remember for the rest of my life.