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Caitlin Pike
Western Kentucky University
Better Business Bureau

I knew the moment I was interviewed for the internship at the BBB, that it would be the exact internship I wanted and needed at this point in my undergraduate work.  The internship at the BBB is a perfect mix for a Public Relations major as you get to practice your writing skills, as well as perfecting skills in corporate communications.  As a BBB intern each day is something new, something different to write, and someone new to meet.

During my summer at the BBB, I was able to network with many, MANY business owners, and entrepreneurs around the state, as well as gain experience with event planning.  By the end of the internship I had almost tripled the amount of pieces and experience I could add to my portfolio and resume!

Over the course of my internship I had the opportunity to perfect my writing in a real world professional setting, producing ample press releases, articles, newsletters and e-alerts.  My Internship coordinator was always willing to sit down with me and go over my work, explaining parts I did well, and critiquing things in a positive way.  The BBB was a true internship in the way that the learning went both ways, I gained so much knowledge from this experience as well as teaching my boss what things are changing in the field of Public Relations. Other than the work, my boss also took time to really get to know me, and help me decide on what I really want to do with my career and how I'll get there.  From all these life chats, and work experience this internship has inspired me to really push for anything and everything I want in my career