Caitlin Carter

Western Kentucky University
Better Business Bureau, Louisville

Having been raised near Louisville, Ky., I could turn on the evening news and expect to hear about scams and bad businesses preying on consumers locally and expect to see a representative from some organization known as Better Business Bureau speak on the behalf of ethics.

To me, it seemed as if this representative had the most boring job ever. Why would anyone want to deal with gullible people being duped by scam artists on a daily basis?

This summer I was lucky enough to learn that this representative, known as the Vice President of Communications, has job responsibilities that extend far beyond this.

For 10 weeks I have served as the communications intern at Better Business Bureau. When I first received a call about the internship, I was hesitant because of my preconceived notion of the organization. But after going through the interview process, and learning more about the daily rigors of the internship, I knew I was up for the task.

During my time here, I have worked directly under the vice president of communications. Throughout this duration I have helped plan a golf scramble with more than 100 entrants, prepared press releases, managed social media accounts, designed newsletters, built web pages, assisted in organizing the annual Torch Awards and much, much more, all while learning more about business ethics.

From this internship I have strengthened my skills as a communications person, which I will take with me throughout my career, and have also learned that things aren’t always what they seem.

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