John Minor

Union County Advocate
Northern Kentucky University

I got the privilege of working at my local newspaper, the Union County Advocate. I have lived in Union County my whole life, but working at the newspaper gave me a look into the county and a look into the people that I had never received before.

For someone who has lived in a place for 20+ years, one would think I would know my way around the county and most every business. Though it is kind of embarrassing to admit, there were numerous times I had to ask directions to the simplest of places and got a look from my co-workers and my boss.

Not only did I get more familiar with the county, but with the people. It’s amazing how carrying a camera and a notepad with you makes you somewhat of a celebrity in a small rural community. I met a lot of people and almost anybody is willing to talk to you after hearing you are from the newspaper. I also saw how much the newspaper is appreciated as there were new subscriptions every week.

I enjoyed writing articles that varied in topic. I was very familiar with this aspect of journalism, but something that I gained experience in was photography. I had never been much of a photographer, but through this internship, I gained much needed experience with a camera and how to tell a story with a photo.

Getting to work for my hometown newspaper was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and an eye opening experience not only into journalism as a career but into a county that I call my home.

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