Justin Maynard

Levisa Lazer
Alice Lloyd College

My experience this summer is somewhat of a repeat experience. Three years ago I had the opportunity to spend the summer with The Levisa Lazer, in an informal internship position. While my previous position with the paper did great things to introduce me to the field, this most recent internship has given me real-world experience in journalism.

The beauty of working for a smaller newspaper is having the opportunity to explore multiple facets of the field. What’s great about that paper being web-based is that I have had the pleasure of trying my hand at not only writing, editing, and photography, but videography, video editing, and digital uploading as well. I have been able to see and work through every capacity of journalism during my internship with the Lazer. My duties have included hitting the streets for leads, conducting interviews, taking notes, taking photos, writing articles, and so much more.

I would venture to guess that I have been privileged with more responsibility and opportunity to show my skill than most other interns within this field. My assignments have varied greatly in content. I have worked on several community pieces, such as school groups, local businesses, and events. Much of my internship involved these local businesses, as I was given my own feature series. I was given technology to use for collecting photos, videos, and audio content. In much of my reporting I was given freedom to cover topics and events that I found interesting, and not just what I was required by the editor.

More recently my work has taken on what I would describe as more depth. No newsworthy story is too small, and while I do take pride in even the short business features I have written for the Levisa Lazer, what I have experienced writing articles involving corruption, misrepresentation in city government, and other topics of the like, has resonated with me.

I am so thankful to the Kentucky Press Association for providing funding for this program, and for The Levisa Lazer for giving me the chance to experience the ins and outs of this noble field.

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