Lindsay Kriz

Advocate Messenger
Western Kentucky University

When I first heard about an available internship at the Danville Advocate Messenger, I was thrilled. A place in my hometown has a position? I’m sure to get it!

But then I hesitated, because the Advocate is a bigger paper than the Lebanon Enterprise. It’s also a daily paper, whereas the Lebanon Enterprise only runs on Wednesdays. So to say the least, my hope faltered. Surely some other more experienced soul would secure the job.

So when I went in for my interview in an unfamiliar skirt, heels and awkward smile, I figured I’d go in for the interview and see which other internship would take me.

When I emailed John Nelson back a couple of days later, I was sure that the job was someone else’s. But, against their better judgment, the company hired me, and I’m glad they did.

While this is my second time around regarding internships, I have still learned an incredible amount. Particularly, with this paper, I’ve learned that Danville’s sense of community is what’s most important to this paper. There are easily just as many photos of young folks catching fish as there are pictures of crime-commiters. People know each other intimately despite the professional setting, and a sense of union is present.

When I began the job (two days after returning from a Journalism job in Paris, France) in June, I was a bit nervous about having to complete an internship at a daily paper. I figured that the attitude would be different; people would be more formal and the workload would be killer. While that would definitely give me a different type of experience, that was not the case, and in hindsight I’m grateful for this.

For the second summer I’ve been writing feature pieces: the stories that allow me to still be a journalist but allow my creative writing minor also come to the foreground. I’ve covered stories from a man who carves trees for a living to a woman who can make paper mache crafts overnight to a local superintendent who has been with Burgin Independent Schools for 15 years.

When I return to school to continue on as a columnist, editor and reporter, I’ll have even more experience in my chosen field, and I’ll have clips that I’m proud to share with potential employers.

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