Mary Barczak

Richmond Register
Eastern Kentucky University

Even though this is my fifth internship now, it has probably been the most important and challenging.

It served as the jumping block as I head off into the “real world.” In August I will be starting as the new leisure editor at The Gold Standard in Fort Knox. I couldn’t be more excited. I am so blessed to start out in such a great position that fits my abilities.

But I leave this place with a lot of memories.

I started out working for the Register as their news clerk part-time as I was finishing the second semester of my senior year. But they all came to love me so much that they decided to keep me on for the summer too!

I have truly come to admire the hardworking reporters and photographer. They have been a great support system for a budding journalist. And I hope I never lose that fervor.

I will miss Nancy Taggart’s goofy laugh and her pranks. Going swimming (by accident) in Lake Reba and eating sunflower seeds with Crystal Wylie. Listening to “Rains Down in Africa” and having heart-to-hearts with Ronica Shannon. Learning about the newest crimes of the day and worldly news from Sarah Hogsed. Never-ending history lessons from Chief Dump Correspondent Bill Robinson. And I’m still planning on how I’m going to steal Lorie Haley’s mustache collection.

But I also can’t forget: no authorized laugh fests in the newsroom, Doughnut Friday, newsroom lunches, and eating Mexican food for every celebratory occasion.

Funny how a lot of my favorite memories involve food in some way even though the running joke is journalists hardly have time to eat. Guess that’s why it’s so memorable when we do.

As I said before, I was lucky to have such a great support system. And now, in turn, I hope to be able to convey that same support to my staff in the upcoming year.

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