Natalie Hayden

Georgetown News-Graphic
Western Kentucky University

My summer internship with the Georgetown News-Graphic was very eye opening. I had worked on the College Heights Herald the year before at my school, Western Kentucky University, and thought I knew what working on a “real” newspaper was like. I was wrong.

To be completely honest, I hated my internship at the beginning. The very first thing my editor had me do was count up votes for a local contest, and I was worried that I wouldn’t get to do any writing during the ten weeks I would be there. Again, I was wrong. Only a few weeks into my internship, I could see a dramatic improvement in my writing. 

My writing wasn’t the only thing to improve, though. I became a much better reporter through the experience that my coworkers shared with me. Before working at the News-Graphic, I wrote out all my questions before my interviews. Now, things come more naturally. My interviews used to be awkward, but now they are more like conversations than actual interviews. I’ve realized that this makes for better stories because people feel more comfortable around me and are more likely to open up.

I’ve also gotten better at photography. One of the reporters at the News-Graphic was very skilled in photography, and she taught me so much. I have always hated photography and even dropped the class I had last year because I was dreading it so much, but now I actually enjoy taking pictures, even if I’m not perfect at it.

The most important thing I learned was faith in myself. I used to be nervous when writing stories because at my school paper I had messed up facts a few times. I went the whole summer without needing a correction, and I am confident that I can write a great story about any subject now.


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