Taylor Pettit

Kentucky Standard
Eastern Kentucky University

As planning for my summer of 2012 began, I never imagined I would spend it working as an intern for The Kentucky Standard in Bardstown.

When I got the call, I was extremely excited to become a working reporter who would be living in historic Bardstown.

The Kentucky Standard, a tri-weekly, has been an amazing experience, which has taught me experiences that will stay with me throughout my career.

From my very first day of work it was clear — I wouldn’t just be some intern.

I was a working reporter and photographer. I paginated, worked on the website and worked with the community to answer their questions and concerns.

As a journalism student, I often imagined working at a large daily, running through the office to seize the breaking news of the day.

But The Standard is no different.

As the former editor of Eastern Kentucky University’s school paper, The Eastern Progress, I was used to working on a deadline for a weekly.

The deadlines of a tri-weekly pushed me to be a more efficient, accurate and clear reporter.

Even when the story was difficult or complicated, I was expected to stand behind my work, which is a lesson that stays with you.

The Kentucky Standard also is known for colorful features that showcase the historic community of Bardstown.

Learning the history of the community and having the opportunity to meet the leaders of the area has also taught me the importance of knowing who you work with and also who you work for — the community.

Working and living in a small town put me in the center of everything. More often then not, people would stop me around town and ask me how my internship was going and how I was enjoying the area.

The experience of working at the Standard was one that not only created professional mentor relationships but also showed me the importance of community in community journalism. 

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