Morgan Rhodes

Kentucky Utilities Company
University of Kentucky

I had never had an internship before this summer, so my expectations were based on what I had seen on bad television shows; fetching coffee, ordering lunch, answering phones, etc. I was ready to do the grunt work, be the invisible person who did whatever I could to make my supervisor’s job easier. Little did I know, when I walked into Kentucky Utilities, it would be the exact opposite. This internship was all about me.

With literally no public relations experience, I was blind going in. But, before I knew it, I was being guided through press releases and stories for the company’s internal publication. With patience and constructive comments, my supervisor helped me adapt to a new way of writing and trusted me to take on bigger assignments on my own.

But I wasn’t stuck in the office all summer. I got a taste of every part of my supervisor’s job. I attended luncheons sponsored by KU, I sat in on interviews with the media, and I got to be a part of KU’s community involvement initiatives. The summer was flying by and my resume was improving by the day.

When I looked at the calendar and realized my internship was coming to an end, I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Not only was I learning more about public relations and the corporate world every day, I was having fun doing it. I worked under a group of talented individuals who knew how to make work fun. KU provided a constructive and inclusive working environment where I felt comfortable enough to ask questions and crack jokes.

My experience with Kentucky Utilities this summer has opened the door to a plethora of new career aspirations. The knowledge I gained has not only given me a leg up on my resume, but has opened my eyes to career opportunities I had never considered. Thanks to this internship, I am excited and eager to graduate this December and enter the not so thriving work force. I have every confidence that the skills and knowledge I have gained will get me where I want to go.

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