Abigail Whitehouse

abigailEastern Kentucky University
Franklin Favorite

When I received notice from Marsha Herndon that I had been chosen for the Franklin Favorite’s summer internship I was overwhelmed with excitement. I was thrilled to hear that I would have ten whole weeks to learn and experience what the real-world newspaper was all about.

I hit the ground running as soon as I started at the Franklin Favorite. On my very first day I went to a Fiscal Court meeting and met the Mayor, Ronnie Clark, as well as the City Commissioners. I was very interested in seeing how the city meetings were conducted and how the system operates on a daily basis.

My first job as a reporter for the Franklin Favorite was to gather story ideas for the upcoming Fourth of July edition of the newspaper. I decided, since my grandmother had such a long history with the Daughters of the American Revolution, writing a piece about the Franklin-Simpson DAR chapter would be a great way for me to get out into the community and meet some of the lovely ladies that help restore and maintain precious town history. I spent time with the friendly volunteers at the Simpson County Archives, which is now occupying what used to be the Simpson County Jail. The ladies showed me historical pictures and documents and by the time I left the building I had more than plenty of information to write my story.

In addition to reporting and writing, I’ve been working with Marsha Herndon, taking photographs and working with Photoshop; two fields that I really needed to get more experience in.

I had an absolute blast writing my very own weekly column titled, “All Around with Abigail.” It was the perfect way for me to get involved with the community, eating at local restaurants and shopping at local merchant stores.

Although my internship isn’t quite over yet, I’m confident that the remaining weeks will be filled with just as much exciting journalistic experience. I’m very grateful for the time and opportunity to expand my abilities as a writer and a reporter.


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