Chris McGee

Chris McGeeEastern Kentucky University
The Crittenden Press

My name is Chris McGee. My 10-week Kentucky Press Association (KPA) internship was at The Crittenden Press in Marion which is in Crittenden County.

I covered stories on various topics such as people who were still active in their 90’s, a local Dairy Queen Grill and Chill who submitted and was approved for a new national blizzard flavor (lemon meringue) and features on two of the local volunteer fire departments. I also got to write a weekly column during my internship. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to shoot photos of my first basketball game. I really enjoyed getting it.

I came into the internship with my eyes wide open as to what it takes to put a newspaper out because of my experience at The Eastern Progress.

I still believe newspapers are still a vital part of journalism even though almost everything is going digital. Not everyone has access to the internet and some people still like to read a hard copy of a newspaper. It is imperative that any serious journalist be willing to keep up with the new technology. Because even though we are in a digital age it is still about trying to get the story first and get it right.

My opinion of newspapers has not changed as a result of my internship. Even though I have access to the internet, I still enjoy reading the original hard copy. I love the thrill of interviewing and meeting new people, writing the story and copy editing to help get the paper out on time.

The first order of business in my future plans is to finish my journalism degree at Eastern Kentucky University in December. I hope to have a job at a newspaper before I graduate, but, if not, I will try to find one or try to find a job in some facet of journalism.

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