Kyle Woosley

Woosley_KPAMugshotEastern Kentucky University
The Winchester Sun

Since freshman year of high school, I have strived to be in the “real world.” Pulling all-nighters on homework and study sessions has never been my idea of a good time.

Obviously, I should have been ecstatic to see the finish line with nothing my hopes and dreams paving the road in front of me. But this was not the case. Instead, I saw a giant caution sign with the word “internship” written on it.

Unlike most of my fellow journalism graduates, who had accepted full-time job offers, I had reluctantly taken an internship at The Winchester Sun as a safety net. Even though I strived for something more permanent, I figured having some kind of income following graduation would be better than nothing at all. It almost felt like I wasn’t even moving forward. Winchester is only 15 minutes away from my home town and I was moving back in with my parents to avoid paying rent.

The next few weeks of post-college life consisted of me scrambling to find my next move. I was frantically checking journalism job posting websites and sending emails to potential employers on an hourly basis.

Then, out of thin air, a job opportunity in Danville within the same company came up. After I proved myself at The Sun, I told the editor of my interest in the position. Following an interview and on-site tour, I got the job.

Now, I’m preparing myself for going to Danville to work my first full-time journalism job at The Advocate Messenger and I could not be more excited.

Having been the managing editor for my college newspaper and already completed an internship at a weekly newspaper, I was prepared for a change of pace. That is just what The Sun has offered me. I enjoy the deadlines and having something to show for your work every day. But I also enjoy having more accessibility to utilizing social media and multimedia tools at my disposal.

The experiences I have had in Winchester have been unforgettable ones. The entire newsroom staff has been more than kind and accepting of me. But also, the town itself has treated me like one of their own. I have been able to cover some really interesting topics during my time at The Sun. I have covered everything from breaking news, including a house fire and an airplane crash, to taking photos of a clown at the public library and writing about environmental clean-up projects this summer. I have even gotten to shoot and edit video for several of my stories, which was a new experience altogether.

The government officials and people in the community have been equally as accepting of me. I have had the opportunity meet some amazing people in Clark County and I know this will not be the last I see of them.

Looking back on it, I do not regret taking this internship. It has opened many doors for me and looks to have started what I hope will be a thriving journalism career. I have gotten my foot in the door and plan to keep working towards something higher.

Maybe I will end up staying at The Advocate Messenger until I retire. Maybe I will move to Chicago and freelance in the big city. Maybe I will start my own blog and it will be a huge success. I might even don a red cape and start fighting crime. I don’t know what my next big step will be. There’s nowhere to go but up.

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