Rachel Aretakis

imageUniversity of Kentucky
Lexington Herald-Leader

When I think back on my internship this summer at the Herald-Leader, there is one story I cannot forget. It was during my first week covering cops and breaking news, and I never expected some of the things I would write about.

I was on my way to a woman’s house, whose 16-year-old son had just been killed by his half-brother. I was nervous and nearly shaking as I approached the home, carefully going over what exactly I would say. I knew the mother had been adamant over the phone about not speaking to the media. But I was there anyway.

It was like one of those dreams where you get caught somewhere you aren’t supposed to be. Despite the mother’s reluctance to talk, I convinced her to let me in her home and tell me about her son. I sat quietly and listened, and soon I began to piece the story together.

Though that day was particularly difficult, it put me face to face with the reality of journalism and what it means to report the news. My experience at the Herald-Leader has prepared me to cover breaking news as well as complicated topics.

This fall, I will be finishing my senior year at the University of Kentucky as the editor-in-chief of the Kentucky KerneI. I have always wanted to write and incorporate my Spanish, but I have yet to make any post-graduation plans.

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