Rebecca Monarch

photoEastern Kentucky University
Bluegrass Sports Commission

What I Did This Summer

The Bluegrass Sports Commission hired me on in April and on May 22 I officially began my internship as the PR manager for the Bluegrass State Games.

As a little background information, the Bluegrass State Games is a non-profit event in which around 16,000 athletes participate in over 30 sports. The variety of sports that are offered is impressive with sports ranging from traditional events such as soccer, baseball and softball to other non-traditional events such as sailing, mountain biking and martial arts.

On day one, Terry Johnson the executive director of the Bluegrass Sports Commission, recognized my interest in public relations and entrusted all of the public relations work for the Games to me. Immediately I was granted the opportunity to manage all of the social media including the official Bluegrass State Games website, as well as writing opportunities and campaign creations.

One of the first duties that I was given was to create a campaign in which I was to feature nominees for the Jim Host Youth Sports Award, an award given in January at the Bluegrass Sports Awards to someone who is highly involved in youth sports. The purpose of the feature was to not only honor those devoted individuals, but also to promote the Bluegrass State Games to the Kentucky population. This campaign was to feature nominees throughout the entire Games.

As the weeks went on, Terry gave me more responsibilities in writing, which included writing a majority of the press releases that were to be released for the Bluegrass State Games and for the Bluegrass Sports Commission as well. One such very exciting press release was for the Bluegrass Sports Commission in announcing the NBA pre-season game that was to be brought to Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. I was able to use my own creativity in writing it, and in doing so, I put a spin on it that geared the games more towards a “welcome back” to the former Kentucky Wildcats that played for the teams: the Washington Wizards and the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Bluegrass State Games is a summer event that take place mainly in the latter weekends of July with the kickoff on the 4th of July.

As the weeks went on and the main part of the Games grew nearer, my responsibilities shifted from an administrative perspective to back-stage, logistical duties. When an athlete registers for the Bluegrass State Games they get a free t-shirt. All 16,000 of those t-shirts needed to be pulled and bundled for teams, as well as brackets had to be made, registrations had to be put into the system and filed.

I learned many things throughout my internship. One very important learning point was that there is no set schedule in the public relations field. There could be a set in stone schedule, but things happen throughout the day that change that schedule. What I came to learn was to never fully depend on a schedule and to be flexible.

The Bluegrass Sports Commission was very good to me throughout the time of my internship. They treated me well and I always had things to work on. It was one of the greatest learning opportunities of my public relations career and I would definitely recommend this company to all interns.

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