Sarah Hogue

Sarah HogueEastern Kentucky University
The Interior Journal

When I got the phone call that I would be interning for the Interior Journal, I was thrilled. A few other newspapers had contacted me, but all those fell through because they required long distance traveling. The I.J. was a perfect fit because it was in my hometown, which is one county over from where I live now.

Writing for a newspaper has been even more exciting than I expected. This internship has given me a look at what writing for a newspaper would be like and it makes me want to pursue it in the future. This internship has been the closest thing to my dream job I have ever done and I have loved every minute of it.

Some of my favorite stories I covered this summer have been the surprise party for Harriet Denham, a lady who has worked at Fort Logan Hospital for 50 years, and Edward B. Smith, who recently portrayed Adolph Rupp at the local library. Harriet Denham’s co-workers recently threw a surprise party for her at the hospital with cake and ice cream. She was touched and gave an impromptu speech about how much she loved working for the hospital. Edward B. Smith did an excellent job portraying Adolph Rupp. His presentation included jokes and quotes from Adolph Rupp and was very engaging. Smith also bore a striking resemblance to Rupp.

Little did I know this opportunity would lead to another one. After I mentioned to my boss how I really wanted to write for magazines, he connected me with the editor of Gloss magazine. In addition to writing for the I.J., I will be writing a few stories for Gloss magazine this summer as well.

Something that surprised me about writing for a newspaper is how much you get to go outside the office to cover events. I had expected most of the work would be in the office, typing up stories, so this was a nice surprise. This internship also provided me with experience using a fancy camera with a large lens. Previous to this, I had only used disposable cameras and basic digital cameras.

This internship has taught me a lot and given me plenty of good experiences. It has made me want to pursue a full-time career in journalism after I graduate even more than when I began the internship. I am thankful for this opportunity and hope to use what I have learned in my future career endeavours.

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