Wesley Robinson

sherwood_house_parkEastern Kentucky University
Oldham Era

This was my second chance at Oldham Era.

I was selected as KPA intern in 2011, and The Oldham Era was one of the papers that contacted me about spending the summer learning newspapers from the inside — only the publisher called a day too late and I ended up at another newspaper.

Fast forward the last week of April, I get a call from the Era’s editor asking me if I’d be interested in interning at the newspaper. Knowing how valuable second chances are, I knew what I had to do and I turned down another internship opportunity for the Era.

I’m not one to sugar coat — so I’ll say the experience at the Era could have been a nightmare. With the death of the publisher, Tony Cotten, then a new editor coming on board,  and me being “the intern” (we all know what that means) all signs pointed to a fruitless summer. That’s actually made for the great experience because I’ve kind of been free to do whatever stories come up rather than being assigned to write about kids camps and what not. I don’t mind covering camps, mind you, but that’s not what gets you a job.

I thought I may have chosen the wrong internship.

Somehow it’s been more than I expected.

I’ve was able to cover the controversial topics listed on the KPA flyers soliciting student applications as well as writing feature pieces I enjoy. I shot more photos in one summer than I have my entire life and had quite a few of them end up published. Finally, I got to know some of the communities within Oldham County.

I experienced firsthand just how much people love their news. Everyone read about my hatchet murder stories, yet I received the most feedback about local businesses opening and feature pieces highlighting various aspects of Oldham County.

The staff welcomed me with open arms and helped make the summer a memorable experience and my most successful internship. Even the outgoing staff went out of their way to extend their journalism knowledge and expertise. I was able to build on the things I learned at previous internships and use it in a way that allowed me to take the next step as a reporter.

I made the right choice, repeat option.

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