Christopher Payton

Christopher PaytonEastern Kentucky University

Richmond Register

I will begin by saying that my internship at the Richmond Register this summer was interesting, and definitely a learning experience.

I came to the Register at a time when it was low staffed, and during my 10-week internship, another valued writer left.

Because of that situation, I was immediately thrust into the mix. I was covering drug busts and breaking news within my first week.

I also covered raging fires, fiscal, district and circuit courts, and everything in between. I even branched out to feature stories, something I’d never had published before this summer.

I had never sat through a court session before my internship, and the first time was really nerve wracking, especially trying not to miss anything in a packed district courtroom. But I learned a lot about how the courts work by sitting there listening to people tell their stories to the judge.

I also saw people learn they should not have worn shorts to Circuit Judge Jean C. Logue’s courtroom.

I think what I learned most throughout this internship is how to talk to people. I’m an introvert at heart, and it’s very difficult for me to talk to people I don’t know. That’s crazy for a journalist whose job it is to talk to people, but I got some valuable experience doing that during my internship. I’m a lot more comfortable now talking to people and listening to them tell their stories, and I have the Richmond Register to thank for that.

While studying at Eastern Kentucky University, I’ve known that I’ve loved journalism and getting the stories out there. And I can’t wait to hone my craft more and become an even better writer for newspaper readers.

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