Judah Taylor

Judah TaylorUniversity of Kentucky

Somerset Commonwealth Journal

The shooting a defense attorney Mark Stanziano, the City of Somerset selling gasoline to the public and a semi-trailer crashing into a train. These are a few of the things I covered for the Commonwealth Journal.

But that wasn’t all. I filled in for the sports editor for two weeks, designing, editing and choosing what went into the sports section. I was trusted enough to go out on my own seeking stories and taking photos, to cover fiscal court and city council meetings. I wrote about a world champion palomino and a Blockbuster store that got a new name.

For all intents and purposes I wasn’t an intern, but rather a de facto member of the newsroom. It was pretty neat.

Having that kind of responsibility can be rough. It can be like going through fire but, pardon the cliché, it can also be a baptism.

I’ve got a keener eye for news and a stiffer upper lip for deadlines than I did previously. I’m not sure where I will take those new facial features in the coming years, but I know that without my KPA internship I wouldn’t have them.

Journalism has consumed my life over the past few years, and my editors (including those at the Commonwealth Journal) have become like fathers to me. Like all good cowboys I’ve got daddy issues now and am not sure if being a reporter is what I want to be my entire life. Maybe it will be. But either way, I’m much more prepared to ride off into the sunset of a post-college world than I was before my internship.

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