Mary Alford

Mary AlfordMorehead State University

The Independent

Pursuing a career in journalism is like giving myself a front row seat to history. And my internship at the Daily Independent in Ashland, KY only solidified this thought further.When I first received an invitation to intern at the Independent, I was very excited. I was excited because this was one of the best dailies in the state and they were offering ME an internship.

Walking into the aged building which houses the Independent, past papers and awards lined the walls; it felt like a real newspaper. Sure I have had previous internships, but they just didn’t have the same feel.

As soon as I walked into the newsroom on May 19, they had me out in the field. On my first day, they sent me to the Ironton-Russell Bridge for the tagging of baby falcons. They armed me with a notebook, pen and camera and sent me out the door with brief directions on how to get there (I made it after a few wrong turns).

I finished my first story later that day, with a feeling of great accomplishment.

Needless to say, my summer at the Independent has been very eventful.

I have been able to cover everything from local elections to city council, county fairs and even the 90-year-old woman in town who still manages her own garden. I’ve also been able to learn about IronMan races and the history behind the hundreds of miniature shoes one lady decided to donate to a museum.

I was able to be there (in person) when the annual Bellefonte Fourth of July Parade celebrated the landmark, 20th anniversary. I was there when St. Mary’s Medical Center opened their first urgent care facility in Huntington. I was there when they premiered the Amy for Africa documentary at the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center. I was there when the longest running Memorial Day Parade in Ironton celebrated its 146th year.

My internship at the Independent has allowed me to sit front and center to events that some people will only ever read about.

I am very thankful for my time at the Independent and for the staff who have helped make me a better reporter. Not only have I practiced my skills as a writer this summer, but I have also improved my skill in photography.

This summer has been one I will never forget, and I will take the skills I have learned while in Ashland with me into the future. I could not be more grateful.

I look forward to all the history I will have the opportunity to pen, after all, history didn’t write itself.

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