Matt Overing

Matt OveringUniversity of Kentucky

The Lebanon Enterprise

My KPA internship took me to the Lebanon Enterprise in Marion County. I was ready for something different, having finished my first full year at the Kentucky Kernel on the sports desk.

I received something different. I was asked to take my own photos, something I had never done before. I was skilled with an iPhone, and I could take some sweet action shots of my dogs. But when it came to a digital camera, I had no experience.

The staff at the Enterprise was invaluable to me during my internship. My first assignment was a trip to Pope’s Creek Ranch. I learned about glamping and started to get an idea of just how important tourism is to Lebanon and the surrounding counties.

It was also my first photo assignment. I took photos of the scenery and a couple tree houses Thankfully, shooting objects that aren’t moving was relatively easy for me.

As the year progressed, I felt like I progressed with my photography and writing. I took my own photos, and while I haven’t mastered the art of photography, I can tell that I’ve improved. I look at my pictures now and see what I could have changed to get a better shot – sometimes it’s as simple as taking two steps closer to my target.

That’s what I’ll take away from my internship: Real-world experience and knowledge of the trade that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve written features about storytellers, a guitar builder and a pastor, among many others. I’ve become a more versatile writer because of the internship.

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