Morgan Eads

Morgan EadsUniversity of Kentucky

State Journal

I’ve always loved the city of Frankfort, so when I got the opportunity to work at the State Journal I leapt at the chance. Through my KPA internship, I was able to discover that there was more to the city than I had ever realized.

From a truck pull to a cocktail party at the Governor’s Mansion with the current and past governors, I was able to cover a wide spectrum of what this close-knit community has to offer.

The reporters and editors at the State Journal continually surprised me with their knowledge of the people and organizations that call the state capital home. They excel in getting out of the office and being a part of Frankfort and they helped me to work on doing the same.

Everyone at the paper continually gave me advice as I worked on a wide range of work, whether I was doing a profile on a retired race car driver or digging into the history of an unstable abandoned rock quarry.

If I had trouble finding anyone in Frankfort, Editor Phil Case could be counted on to know them, their family and how to get in touch with them. In the times when I didn’t know how to proceed with a story, News Editor Shannon Brock would without fail be able to give me a nudge in the right direction.

The State Journal embodies everything that a community newspaper should be, and my time there gave me a new perspective on how reporters should work in their cities. I am endlessly grateful that I was given the opportunity to spend the summer in such a beautiful community with such talented journalists.

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