Alyssa Oakley

Alyssa OakleyTransylvania University
Bluegrass Sports Commission

My summer internship with the Bluegrass Sports Commission has been educational, beneficial as a work experience, and enjoyable to participate in as well. Our office is located in downtown Lexington, and we operate from a small room within the government building. Besides myself there are four other interns who aid in the everyday operation of the Commission. Our office is small, so we’ve all grown close over the short while we have known each other, allowing me to make connections with not only my fellow interns, but my superiors as well.

One of our first big events of the summer was the Kentucky-Indiana All-Star game. As an intern, I made sure the teams checked in properly upon arrival, had an adequate number of uniforms, players were fed during their stay here, and (along with my fellow interns) worked the actual All-Star game that took place at Transylvania’s Beck Center. The day of the event involved an extensive amount of cooperation and team work. We arrived several hours early in order to prepare the gym (i.e-hang signs from sponsors, set up merchandise tables and hospitality rooms, etc.). After the event, I was able to write a short informational article for our Facebook page which summed up the experience of the all-star weekend. Overall, this experience allowed me to witness, and be a part of, managing and coordinating an event of this scale.

Another beneficial experience I was a part of this summer was our 30th annual luncheon. It took place at the governor’s mansion, and I was in charge of calling/emailing people who were invited to the event. I also helped out with smaller details like creating name tags and decorating memorabilia tables that were present at the event. I was able to meet some important people within the state of Kentucky, including the governor and his wife, Alan Stein, and a more nationally known “celeb” Jared from Subway. I mingled with some interesting people and enjoyed my day inside the governor’s mansion.

One of my favorite experiences of the summer was getting to be involved in the 4th of July parade downtown. The interns decorated the float and coordinated who would get to ride on it during the actual parade. Coincidentally, I help coach an all-girl tee-ball team and was allowed to ask them to ride along. They all thoroughly enjoyed it, and the parade spectators seemed to feed off the enthusiasm of the girls as they chanted “U-S-A!” Again, I witnessed and aided in the process of planning this event and was better able to understand what goes into something like this (including dealing with sponsors, preparing the float ahead of time, and coordinating with parents of children who rode on the float, among other things).

Overall, I have had a beneficial experience this summer, and have really tried to take advantage of the opportunity the Kentucky Press Association has blessed me with. I never dread going in to work and have been lucky enough to work alongside people who are motivated and fun to be around. Hopefully I have created relationships that will prove worthwhile in the future, but if not, I’ve enjoyed my summer nonetheless.

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