Alexia Walters

Alexia WaltersCasey County News
Eastern Kentucky University

 This summer my internship was with The Casey County News in Liberty. When I first accepted the internship I was a little skeptical that a small town newspaper would not provide me with the exciting news I was hoping to cover. However, I was very wrong.

I got the unique opportunity to be in Casey County when gay marriage was legalized and Casey Davis, the county clerk, refused to issue marriage licenses to anyone, gay or straight. Because of his decision I got to attend a few rallies and experience democracy and freedom of speech first-hand.

In my day-to-day activities I got more experience designing pages, photography, writing, editing and reporting on several things I would never get to at the college newspaper. For example, I covered a fire, court and meetings, the fair, a couple wrecks and severe storm damage around the county.

The most beneficial thing I learned, that I haven’t at school, is the daily operations of a newspaper and how much it takes to keep it running. I also got a huge shock with how much copy is required.  I was used to writing one story a week at The Eastern Progress and was writing a minimum of three long articles, taking photos and laying out pages at the Casey News.

My internship was fantastic and I wouldn’t trade my experience. It has only made my love for journalism stronger and improved my skills in a short amount of time. I also networked with several people and meet sources that could help me in the future. My current plan is to work at a newspaper after I graduate this May, while I’m attending Eastern Kentucky University to get my master’s degree.

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