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Carrie CrotzerShelbyville Sentinel News
Northern Kentucky University

What I did (learned) this summer… A little stumbling can make for great stories

I’ve never been keen on the thought of internships, I’ll be the first to admit that. But this is what makes my story of this summer that much more interesting.

Going into my internship I had a ton of mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure that it was how I wanted to spend my summer, I didn’t know what I’d be doing and I didn’t know if I’d fit in.

However, my fears were quickly shattered as one of my first stories was on the recanvass in the primary GOP elections and the staff began to welcome me within the first days.

The second week I conquered another fear, baseball, another thing I’m admittedly not a fan of. I was sent to the first round of a state tournament in which the local high school baseball team was playing, as a fan, to right about my experience. I stumbled through the game, freezing cold for the beginning of June, and ended up with one of my favorite pieces from the summer.

My summer would only continue to become more interesting as I would cover articles that are bizarre to a girl like me, but normal to the people in the small town I was in.

I was schooled in the American Saddlebreds at the local fair horse show, and learned quickly how they like to be photographed. I found myself walking through corn fields discussing their harvest long before I’m usually up and on one of my final mornings attended one of the nicest breakfasts I’ve ever attend… in a barn, with more Saddlebreds riding around.

Several days and inside jokes later, I ended my summer genuinely sad to be leaving the people I had spent time getting to know. The staff I had grown to care for went through a lot this summer, including the loss of a close coworker and the welcoming of a new publisher, but they went through each event with a grace unlike any. Every person on the staff at the paper are good people, they welcomed me as an important part of the paper, and it makes it difficult to leave them after only 10 weeks.

The time I spent with the paper solidified my love for journalism, reminding me that this is truly what I want to do with my career. It also helped me narrow down the area of concentration I want to pursue.

It wasn’t how I expected to spend my summer, but I’m glad I did. I met great people, I wrote bizarre stories I never expected to and I feel more in love with the art of journalism. As far as my stand on internships these days, well I guess they’re not so bad after all.

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