KaLeigh Underwood

Kaleigh UnderwoodCitizen Voice and Times
Eastern Kentucky University

During my time at the Citizen Voice and Times as their KPA summer intern, I learned a plethora of valuable lessons that apply both in the office and out.

As an intern, I got to sharpen my skills in writing and reporting, (I wrote for news, features, and perspectives), design/layout, photography, and online site management; as well as learning new interview tactics.

This experience has had an impact on me because it taught me the skills I will need to continue my journalism career now through after graduation and even beyond into the later years of my life.

In the beginning, I was a nervous, ill prepared, college student. But now, I have grown, and consider myself just as much a part of the team in our office as the people who have worked here for years. I have never felt more prepared for my future career.

I have enjoyed this opportunity more than words can express and I’m very thankful to the KPA for the chance to take part in this learning environment.

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