Karis Rogerson

Karis RogersonMadisonville Messenger
Asbury University

It seems like I spent ample time during my 10 weeks in Madisonville wondering how I would describe my internship with The Messenger when the time came. Now the time is here, and I’m struggling to find the words.

Suffice it to say, the memories from my time working for the newspaper of this small town will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I mean, how many people get to say they’ve walked a half-mile along the side of a busy highway in the midday July sun to capture a photo of an accident, and then gotten stuck in the back of a cop car for 15 minutes before driving backwards along the side of the highway?

Who else but a Messenger intern would show up for the first day of work expecting some sort of orientation and end up immediately writing articles, taking photos and becoming a part of the team?

That was the greatest thing about this internship: I wasn’t just an “intern,” an addition to the team who occasionally rewrites a press release or, on a really big day, follows someone else on their assignment. No, I was a full member of the team. Yes, my work had to be reviewed carefully where others’ didn’t, but I was writing at least one article every day, taking all my own pictures and, within the first day, fully inducted into the Messenger newsroom team.

I’ll never forget my ten weeks working with Jessica, Luke and Laura. They were all so helpful, friendly and truly welcomed me into the fold. It wasn’t a perfect experience, of course; there were slow days and days where I wondered how I would make it through ten weeks in a town of 20,000. But those were the exception, not the rule. The rule was that I loved my time at The Messenger, and if I had to start the summer over again, I would do it all the same…except maybe I would park a little closer to that accident I covered and avoid the walking, the sun, and the being locked in a cop car.

If I ever wondered whether I truly wanted to get into the newspaper business, this internship showed me that, yes, yes I do.

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