Kassidy Stricklett

Kassidy StricklettMaysville Ledger-Independent
Northern Kentucky University

My time at The Ledger Independent will come to an end on Friday July 24, and I must say it will be very bittersweet to head out of the door for the last time. This summer has been filled with very rewarding and sometimes frustrating days, as some stories did not go as planned while others seemed to develop and become something much more than I could have ever imagined.

Before starting this internship, the only previous experience I had as a journalist was as a staff writer for Northern Kentucky University’s independent student-run newspaper, The Northerner. While the Northerner covers a wide variety of topics, I was still very nervous that I wouldn’t have the skills necessary to complete the internship. However, on the first day of my internship I discovered that everyone in the newsroom welcomed me with open arms and helped me with whatever they could.

Whether I was tagging along with another journalist at city meetings or riding around with the photographer, I was constantly being taught something new about the behind-the-scenes process of daily newspaper production.

Now, as my internship is completed, I feel as if I have grown tremendously as a journalist, gained some confidence and also gained momentum that will hopefully help me jump start my career. Needless to say I would recommend the Kentucky Press Association internship to any college student looking to gain experience. Without this internship I wouldn’t know what I know now about the daily newspaper business and just what it takes to succeed.

So in conclusion, I must give a huge thank you to the Kentucky Press Association for giving me, and so many others, this opportunity this summer. I also must thank all of the employees at the Ledger, for treating me as one of their own and actually letting me put my skills to the test. I am so grateful for the experience and I will never forget it. Now, I guess it’s on to the next adventure!

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