Katherine Russell

Katherine RussellThe Lake News
Murray State University

Everything I think of to write about my internship at The Lake News sounds like a cliché.

It was great, it taught me a lot, it reinforced my opinion that newspapers are where I want to be. But while those things are both true and important, what will stick out to me about the 10 weeks I spent in Calvert City, Kentucky are all the small memories.

My first day on the job, Loyd sent me to Benton to cover an arraignment. Don’t worry so much about the story, he said, “Just make sure you get good pictures.”

Well… when I sat down in the courtroom and pulled out my camera, I realized I had forgotten my card. Whoops. I snapped a couple (terrible) photos with my iPhone and lamented my terrible first day all the way back to the office.

He forgave me. Maybe he even laughed a little at my expense. But this was the same day that one of my coworkers complained that the McDonald’s drive thru wouldn’t serve her a rum and coke to get her through the day, so I quickly figured out that my mistake was not the end of the world.

Over my 10 weeks with The Lake News, I met fascinating and delightful people all over the county; from Leviathan and Victor Powell with their Civil War-era log house, to 12-year-old Eli Dupriest with his skateboard tricks, to Calvert City Police Chief David Elliott, who does spell his name with two t’s, despite what his nametag might have written on it.

Beyond what I wrote about and who I interviewed, this internship showed me exactly what it’s like to work at a small paper. The Fords were so generous and helpful, and I don’t just mean when they took me out for lunch. Many times I found myself in Loyd’s office talking about the newspaper business, or Calvert City, or just about our families. My coworkers were amazing, always helpful and trying to make sure I wasn’t bored or overwhelmed.

I guess to sum it all up, there were a few times over the summer that Loyd felt obligated to tell me I could make more money doing almost anything else besides working at a newspaper. This is not a job for someone who doesn’t love it, he told me over and over. Well, my time at The Lake News has shown me that journalism is what I love, and this is what I want to do.

Thank you Loyd, Teri, Mary and Gloria.

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