Kelsey Randolph

Kelsey RandolphMurray Ledger & Times
Murray State University

I entered my internship terrified I would trip over my own feet; I left with knowledge on the large role of community journalism.

I learned that it doesn’t matter how large your newspaper is, the roles of community members and organizations within that area have a tremendous influence– and there is nothing wrong with that.

I interviewed happy people, sad people, angry people, and business owners, daughters of passed away parents, wrecks, fires, meetings and sports. All in the small town of Murray.

Someone once told me that you learn something every day, even if it’s what not to do. That wise man, being a former coworker expressed that not every day would be good and not every day would be a happy story but the valuable thing to take away are the experiences, no matter what they are.

I have success stories and I also made mistakes, but I feel like that’s what internships are for. They are places to do something wrong and learn from that to better yourself as a person and as a journalist. It’s about furthering your knowledge and understanding of the potential field you want to spend your graduated days in.

I can’t thank the people at the Murray Ledger & Times enough for showing me how to persist through loss and growth of coworkers and editors. They work diligently, with passion, trust and a work ethic that cares for the community and the people in it.

I met people in Murray that will give me recommendations and help me even after my internship ends. I couldn’t have more gratitude for the people I’ve met. Though, close to the end of my internship, there was a newly hired, part time reporter that came from Florida and wanted to get back in the business of reporting, she gave me insight on the different forms of print-to-web and web-to-print, she gave me advice on looking for jobs, ways to overcome my fears as a writer and became a friend. It is the people like her who helped my internship become such a success.

I am a journalist for the people I meet and the stories they have, and I learned over my summer internship what that truly meant.

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