Trenton Meade

Trenton MeadeLevisa Lazer
Eastern Kentucky University

I first applied for an internship through the Kentucky Press Association with no real intention on getting a call back. My interest in the position was strong, but the realization of starting a ten-week tenure with someone I had no prior relationship with was rather daunting. Even though I have confidence in my writing style and how I have previously done articles, it made me question if I was good enough for the position. I want to excel as a journalist and later become an author – one that does everything correctly and becomes well-known.

Going into the internship, I had no clue what to expect. I knew I would be doing a lot of work but not a clue on how much. My summer with The Levisa Lazer opened my mind to the world of journalism; it is much more than writing a simple story. During my summer, I wrote many articles, went to events, took pictures, learned how to operate an online news source and understood the importance of reaching out to locals for information and more. It was more than I imagined; it was not easy.

Every day was different from the last. Some days might have been slow, when all I would do is write and others would have so much news available, that I would have to take (spur of the moment) pictures, go to events late in the evening, grab new information from the courthouses and sheriff’s office, etc… I was kept on my toes nearly every day.

Dr. Mark Grayson made sure my experience was well worth the time. He made sure to give me as much insight and knowledge as he could, so that my career as a journalist can continue. Prior to arriving, I had no former experience with Joomla. After my ten weeks, I am now confident in using Joomla and most of what comes with the online program. I took a lot of time studying this program to help further the website and help it grow substantially.

This internship was one of the most insightful and best learning experiences that I’ve had as a student journalist. Being on-call and ready for anything makes this a completely new experience for those that have never been in this position. I recommend an internship through KPA for any of my fellow classmates, friends and those wanting to further their career.

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