Lindsay Kriz

Western Kentucky University
Lebanon Enterprise 

Last summer, my days consisted of sitting around on the couch, eating too much food and watching long movies. This summer, I did so much more.

After applying for a KPA internship, I waited impatiently to see where I would end up.

I was praying that I would be close enough to home, but far enough away to get some type of different atmosphere.

And when the Lebanon Enterprise staff emailed me and expressed interest, I knew I had chosen the right place.

This summer I’ve written articles about Cancer patients, cows and car accident victims.

I’ve also had a column that appeared every week that covered anything from sunburn to comic conventions, which was a blessing, as I feel that I could easily make a career for myself as an Opinion Editor.

I was especially grateful to the staff of the Lebanon Enterprise for allowing me to cover features.

I have tried my fair share of news, police beat and general reporting, and have found that feature writing is where I belonged.

Before I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in Journalism I had a strong desire to become a writer.

I was always a distinguished reader, and my love of books naturally carried over into my love of feeling my pen hit paper, or my fingers hit the keyboard.

So when I learned about feature writing, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

I wanted to be able to write a truthful story but be able to include imagery and feeling so that I could truly write a story-a true story.

So thank you, Lebanon Enterprise.

Thank you for allowing me enough creative freedom but just enough structure so that my very first internship ran smoothly and provided me with enough memories and experience to last a lifetime.


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