Marion Taylor

Murray State University
Oldham Era

What I Did This Summer

As I sit in my office on the last day of my internship at The Oldham Era I am tempted to start the pile of news stories I didn’t have the time to cover that sits on the edge of my desk. 

But all good things must end, and that is exactly what the past ten weeks have been, a good thing. 

From the moment I walked in the door, I rarely felt like the intern, but rather one of the team.  If it was happening in Oldham County, I was there interviewing, taking photos and meeting people. 

I have lived in Oldham County for ten years and made the realization that I knew absolutely nothing about my own hometown.  I consider this summer my ten week crash course in all things Oldham County and what its residents have to offer. 

A warm and welcoming community, with plenty of people willing to share, made my transition to intern much easier.  More often than not, our citizens would somehow manage to redirect the conversation to me and ask about my future plans out of genuine curiosity.

You can sit in a classroom and learn interview techniques and AP style, but no classroom can prepare you for people.  How to approach, handle and learn from people is the single greatest feat I will take away from this summer.  I consider the instances when local citizens were frustrated and upset to be the most important of them all. 

I reported on business openings, loss of loved ones, community events and court cases.  I met Congressman Geoff Davis and Senator Mitch McConnell.  And to think this is just the beginning. 

One slow Wednesday morning, my editor briefly told me about a man who had been arrested the previous night and his list of charges. 

In our research, we discovered his association with a national motorcycle gang and the multi-state string of indictments that was occurring simultaneously across the country.  Walking into the U.S. District Courthouse in Louisville was a strange feeling.  That was the exact moment when I thought to myself, “I can actually see myself doing this,” and it was the turning point of my summer. 

I have been blessed with the most amazing internship experience and staff at The Oldham Era and I think a small gesture sums up my summer best.  When a kind old man brought his extra home-grown tomatoes to our office I walked away feeling satisfied.  In this world you give what you get… and today it was tomatoes.  

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