2012 EKN

Full Contest Packet (pdf)

Don't worry about pulling those tearsheets and mailing to KPA for the Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers. It's all digital now so just find all the pdfs of stories, photographs and design that you want to enter and get them ready to upload for the judging.

Though a few cosmetic changes made were minor, we did make one big change in the categories. We've added Best Sports SPECIAL Section and that gives us 28 categories for 2012. Most all newspapers do high school, even some college, special sections for local sports teams and you'll want to show off your efforts with this new category. You'll find it in the DESIGN section of the contest categories.

Other than that, categories are the same. We've only changed things like "staple the tearsheets together" because we've not found a way to staple a pdf. And no more marking entries in "red marks" because the online entry blank will give us the identification so judges will know which entry is to be judged.

First, read through the Rules and the Categories then think back to October 1, 2011, and all those great stories, columns, investigative series, photographs and page designs you've been involved with. Find them and get them entered.

And remember! Each entry is one pdf. If the category calls for three different issues, or three tearsheets, for an entry then that entry shall be only ONE pdf.

The entry deadline is Friday, October 19, so you have several weeks before your entries are due. And don't delay!! There's plenty of time to search the files, find the pdfs of the pages and get them uploaded to the KPA contest site.

We hope you win and we hope to see you Friday, January 25, 2013, at The Brown Hotel in Louisville when we will be announcing the winners!

Questions? Email me at or call me at 800-264-5721.


Information concerning Category Descriptions, Eligibility, Entry Fee, Awards, Point Basis, Competition Period, Divisions, General Excellence, and How Many Entries are allow can be found at


Instructions to Register, Enter, Name Files and Upload Files for Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers – 2012 Competition

Step 1 Register

Go to and click on Register -fill out the form and follow the instructions on the page.
You will then receive an email from with the specifics of your account such as member ID, division ID, user name and password and ftp information.


Step 2 Prep files for upload

Find the pdfs that contain your entries.
If any entry spans more than one page (i.e., a front page and a jump, three front pages, entries that require three columns) combine all of the pages into ONE pdfs.
This can be done with the full version of Adobe Acrobat or a free service at
Only the pages with entry items should be included in the file.
Do NOT send an entire issue if the category does not call for it!

Step 3 Naming files

Once you have all your pdfs you need to name them using the following naming convention:
Member ID dash division ID dash letter c then 2 digit category number dash 3 digit number unique from the rest of your entry files. (See For Example below.)
Please note there is a letter c before the category number.
Also note that after the "c" for category there are to be 2 characters, so please use a leading zero for
categories 1 to 9 (01, 02, etc. through 09).

For Example:

wn108-w1-c03-005.pdf is the file name for the following paper

newspaper name is The Kentucky Press
member id is wn108
division is weekly class 1
category is 3 Best general news story
and it's the fifth pdf file


The registration confirmation email will include your personal examples of how your files should be named.

Step 4 Uploading files

Once you have all your files prepped and named properly, you will need to upload them via ftp.
This requires using an FTP program (such as cyberduck, transmit, wsftp, etc.. web page-based ones are also available for use)

The FTP address is and the connection mode is passive.

Use your user name and password sent to you when you registered at

Step 5 - Submit information for each entry. Electronic version of the entry tag.

You will be using your browser (safari, internet explorer, firefox, chrome, etc.).
After all your files have been uploaded you will need to tell us the specific information for each file.
To do this you will go to and click on "Contestants."
At that point you will see a list of all Kentucky newspapers.
Click on your newspaper.
You will be prompted to enter a username and password (given to you in your registration reply email).
Once logged in you can begin to submit entry information.
You will have a menu with the option "Submit Individual Entry Information" and click this.
The page will have a list of categories.
Click on a category to submit an entry.
The following page will have much of your information already filled out for you.
You will need to supply the 3 digits of the pdf's name (this connects your information to the pdf file you uploaded).
Type in the names of the reporter(s)/photographer(s)/designer(s). If it is a staff entry then only click on the check box by "staff" instead of filling out the names.
Fill out the date(s) the entry was published.
Now it's time to tell the judge what it is they are to judge - for example list the title of the article and what page(s) it's on or describe the picture and its location. Please be very descriptive so the judge can easily find and review your entry.
Next enter the name, title, and email address of the person actually typing out this information.
Then hit "submit entry to KPA."
You will get a page recognizing you submitted an entry and you will be given a couple options - to add
another entry or review the entries you have submitted.

Step 6 - Reviewing your entries and letting KPA know you are done submitting entries

You will go to and choose "Contestants."
You will get a list of papers - choose yours to continue. (If you are asked for a user name and password, use the set already supplied).
This will bring you back to your customized menu.
You will have an option to review entries - this list will show you all the information you submitted to go along with your pdf files.
You will have the option to delete any if you wish - such as duplicates.
Or if any are incorrect - delete the entry and submit another one.
Once you are satisfied with the entries submitted choose "Submit all entries to KPA for judging"
This will notify KPA that your entries are ready to be judged.

If you have any questions during this process, email David Spencer ( or call David Spencer at 800-264-5721.