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David T. Thompson is the Executive Director of the Kentucky Press Association. David became executive director of KPA on September 26, 1983. He is responsible for all facets of KPA, KPS and the Kentucky Journalism Foundation. His journalism degree at the University of Kentucky led him to be a sports writer for the Lexington Herald and the publisher and editor of the Georgetown News and Times. In 2006, he was inducted in the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame.

You can reach David Thompson at or 502-875-3185, 502-223-8821 ext. 12 or on his cell phone 859-608-2213

Coming on staff in 1986 with KPA/KPS, Bonnie Howard serves as the Controller. Her responsibilities include payroll, tax reports and financial statements. She oversees accounts payable, accounts receivable and bookkeeping. Among other accounting/financial responsibilities, she also aids with the Winter Convention, Trade Shows and Yearbook Advertising.

You can reach Bonnie Howard at or 502-223-8180 or 502-223-8821 ext. 16.

Teresa C. Revlett began at KPA/KPS in 2002 as the Director of Sales. She started working in her hometown newspaper, McLean County News, while in high school, covering sports and school functions. While attending Brescia University in Owensboro and working her way up, she eventually became publisher of the McLean County News. After serving on the KPA board for 13 years, Revlett joined the Kentucky Press Service as the Director of Sales. Teresa was part of the advertising staff in 2003 when it was presented the Russ Metz Most Valuable Member Award.

You can reach Teresa Revlett at or 502-227-7992 or 502-223-8821 ext. 14.

David Greer joined the KPA staff in 2002 as the KPA Member Services Director and the Kentucky High School Journalism Association's Administrator. His journalism career began after graduating from Butler University in Indianapolis, doing radio news in the Indianapolis and Detroit areas. He's worked at The Kentucky Standard out of Bardstown as both a publisher and editor. He also worked as the general manager and editor of the Spencer County Journal Democrat out of Indiana and the editor at The News-Enterprise in Elizabethtown.

You can reach David Greer at

Sue Cammack started with KPA in 1990 as an Administrative Assistant. Working closely with Executive Director David Thompson, Cammack works on contests, entries, judges and seminars.

You can reach Sue Cammack at or 502-223-8821 ext. 10.

With over 34 years experience, Rachel McCarty serves as the Kentucky Advertising Assistant. Her primary responsibility with KPA/KPS is advertising sales. Rachel was part of the advertising staff in 2003 when it was presented the Russ Metz Most Valuable Member Award.

You can reach Rachel McCarty at or 502-223-8821 ext. 18.

Corey Wall is the New Media Administrator for the Kentucky Press Association. Corey started with KPA through an internship in the summer of 2017 before joining full-time in January 2018.

Corey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Eastern Kentucky University in December 2018. Corey started at EKU as a computer science major before switching to journalism, where he combined both interests to improve the online presence of his student newspaper, The Eastern Progress.

You can reach Corey at or 502-223-8821, ext. 23