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Advertising Director Sentinel-Echo/Times-Tribune
Posted 4-30-2016

Media Sales Rep Kentucky New Era
Posted 4-20-2016

Sales Manager Smiley Pete Publishing
Posted: 12/09/15



Circulation Assistant The News-Enterprise
Posted: 3/20/16


General Manager/Publisher

General Manager The Casey County News
Posted: 5/13/16

Publisher Sentinel-Echo/Times-Tribune
Posted: 4/30/16

General Manager/Advertising Manager Grant County News
Posted: 3/5/16


Editor/Managing Editor

Editor The State Journal
Posted: 5/13/16

Managing Editor The Herald-Citizen
Posted: 4/25/16

Editor Ohio County News Times
Posted: 4/25/16


Page Designer

Ad Designer The News-Enterprise
Posted 4/5/2016

Page Designer Georgetown News-Graphic
Posted: 10/29/15


Print Journalist

Breaking News Reporter The Herald-Leader
Posted 5/13/2016

Reporter The State Journal
Posted 4/30/2016

Copy Editor The Paducah Sun
Posted 4/25/2016

Reporter/Photographer The Lebanon Enterprise
Posted 4/16/2016

Internet The Lane Report
Posted 4/8/2016

Sports Editor The Gold Standard
Posted 4/8/2016

Reporter Casey County News
Posted 4/5/2016

Staff Writer The Times Tribune
Posted 3/27/2016

Sports Editor The Sentinel-News
Posted 3/27/2016

Reporter The Messenger
Posted 3/15/2016

Copy Editor The Paducah Sun
Posted 2-20-2016

Reporter Adair County Community Voice
Posted: 12/28/15

Reporter/Designer Georgetown News-Graphic
Posted: 10/22/15