KY Press Service

Advertise Across Kentucky

Available through the Kentucky Press Service, the advertising placement service began as a full time KPS department in January, 1984. The KPS Advertising Director calls on advertisers and advertising agencies in Kentucky and surrounding states, encouraging them to advertise in Kentucky newspapers.

The service, known as One-Order, One-Bill, One-Check, allows advertisers using a multiple number of newspapers to use one source for placement, collection of tearsheets, and payment. The KPS Advertising Office prepares the insertion orders, mails the ad and insertion order to the newspapers, collects all tearsheets and issues the client one invoice. The client then pays KPS for the advertising placed and KPS issues monthly checks to the newspapers.

By policy of the KPS Board of Directors, payments are made to member newspapers within 60 days of placement, regardless of the status of collection. KPS uses national/commissionable newspaper rates and the service is paid for by member newspapers. There is no service charge to advertisers or advertising agencies unless materials must be prepared by the KPS Advertising Service. As a part of this 60-day agreement, the newspaper will be given five (5) days to comply with a tearsheet request. If the tearsheet is not received, the ad will be considered a "did not run" and no payment will be made to the newspaper for that ad.

KPS' Advertising Placement Service also works with the ADNET-Southeast placement service for advertising in newspapers throughout the southeastern region of the U.S.

Cost: KPS' commission is taken from the newspaper's national advertising rate.