Noah Richard

Noah RichardUniversity of Kentucky

Adair County Community Voice

My second day at the Adair County Community Voice I helped cover our county’s primary election, so to say I jumped right into the deep end is an understatement. But saying that I didn’t love every second wouldn’t be the truth.

This summer, I’ve had the privilege of interning at my hometown newspaper. While reporting on your hometown may not sound that interesting to some people, I’ve learned more about Columbia, KY in the past 10 weeks that I did my entire 18 years growing up there.

At a small town paper, everyone does everything, which, I believe, made my experiences so much more valuable. I’ve done a little bit of everything from page layout to photojournalism, reporting on the fair to covering local government with all of it culminating in a huge total market coverage issue during my last week. I even grabbed the front-page’s top fold a few times.

Through it all, I worked with great people and a great editor/publisher that really cares about our town and what happens in it. The paper taught me that community journalism was much more valuable and complicated than I ever imagined. Even though I was just an intern, it felt like I played a bigger part in the paper than I expected.

I’ve always known that I wanted to do journalism. It’s exciting, ever changing and fun, and getting to do the thing I love during my summer break has been a great reward and has solidified my passion for the news, if that was even possible.

However, writing for a newspaper may not be where I end up, I know that the skills I learned while at the Community Voice will serve me in whatever facet of journalism I end up in. I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity to learn and practice.

After my summer, I’m excited to go back to the University of Kentucky for my junior year majoring in journalism and history with a minor in political science. I know that I’ll be going back as a better writer and journalist-in-training, ready to tackle the year ahead.

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